European Style Wire Rope Electric Hoist

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European style wire rope electric hoist adopts motor and reducer which is imported from Germany, the integrated and compact design of hoisting motor, reducer, reel and limit switch saves space for user, modular design increases the reliability of mechanism meanwhile […]

European Style Hoist

European style wire rope electric hoist adopts motor and reducer which is imported from Germany, the integrated and compact design of hoisting motor, reducer, reel and limit switch saves space for user, modular design increases the reliability of mechanism meanwhile reduces the time and cost for maintaining.  

It has more and faster hoisting speed and various pulley ratio which can be selected. The standard traveling mechanism of trolley is controlled by converter, speed could reach 20m/min, which makes a little swing and accurate position of hoisting items while trolley traveling, it could lift and transport valuable and precision items safely and reliably.

Reel The reel is made of high-quality seamless pipes and is processed by numeral controlling machine, after the precision processing, the rope groove on reel works coordinately with rope guide to efficiently prevent rope loose and tangling.  

Wire rope Adopts high strength imported wire rope with tensile strength of 2160mpa, good safety performance and long service life.  

Rope guide Standard rope guide is made and processed by engineering plastic with strong abrasion resistance and good self-lubricating performance, which greatly reduces the wear of wire rope, which is the main load-bearing part, and then enhances safety of hoisting mechanism. Meanwhile, according to different use conditions, the heavy-grade rope guide made by nodular cast iron could also be supplied.  

Hoisting motor The hoisting motor speed ratio is 1:6, double-winding squirrel-cage pole-changing motor, motor shell is made of aluminum alloy, which has good dissipation, and the fan is at the end of motor, which could enhance cooling effects. Thermal resistor or thermal switch is embedded into winding group of motor, it prevents motor overheating. The motor protection level is IP54, F insulation level. As to the variable-frequency motor of hoisting mechanism, encoder is allowed to install, which is ordinary installed to fan shaft end of motor. Technical features: • It has low current for start and large torque • With soft starting and good performance in speed up • Have long service life • The technical parameters comply with standards of FEM and HMI • With high rotational speed and low noise  

Brake Double-disc electromagnetic brake is provided, brake assembly is at the end of motor. If motor powers off, the brake will automatically close so to avoid load slipping off.  It is no need to manually regulate the brake clearance(brake clearance will be regulated automatically by brake spring) after brake is set initially; if the brake pad thickness is lower than the setting, it will automatically alarm by additional monitor switch to remind user to replace it. The brake torque of double-disc electromagnetic brake is higher than 1.8times of rated torque, so it is safe and reliable, the braking service life could reach 1,000,000 times, during its service life, it does not need maintenance. Technical features: *Have fast movement and high reliability *Its maintenance-free and self-regulated *Employ dustproof design and long service life.  

Reducer Shell of reducer uses aluminum alloy material, with light weight and corrosion resistance. Semi-grease lubricant in full sealed box gets all gears lubricated fully and should not be changed within the design circle for safety service. Every gear which gets the process of surface hardening and high-precision grinding ensures stable running of reducer. Technical features: *Compact structure, light weight *Smooth running, low noise. *Corrosion resistance, maintenance-free.  

Safety protection *The accurate gear drive limiter is used for upper and lower limit, it will cut off power circuit reliably if hook moves to the upper (or lower) limit so as to stop motor. *Overload protector: electronic overload protector (with safety monitor) is used, if the pulling force of steel rope is more than 105% of the rated capacity, the overload protector device will automatically cut off lifting loop. *Safety monitor: it has many functions and can work according to the demand of users: Compute the rest circle of hoisting mechanism, accumulated working time of lifting, accumulated overload times Accumulated startup times of motor of hoisting mechanism Over-heat protection of hoisting motor and alarm Overload protection and alarm Brake pad thickness alarm Display fault information and maintenance tips  

Control wayPendent line control a.36V control voltage safety for human being. b.Easy to control, no additional driver necessary, operate following the travelling of crane and hoist c.Double step button with emergency to achieve safety stop d.Connected with the electric trolley suspended under trolley e.Protection class IP55 f.Operation life not less than 500,000 times  

Remote control a.Taiwan Yuding or world famous brand, b.24V control voltage safety for human being. c.Remote distance: not less than 100meters, d.Easy to control, no additional driver necessary, to operate more freely on the ground e.Tens thousands of connection frequency points, non-interference with each other f.Two steps push button or joystick station with emergency stop. g.Protection class IP65 h.Operation life: not less than 500,000 times

Cabin control a.Control by Linkage platform with joystick station, easy to operate for driver b.Master Controller with Push Button for ON, OFF, UP, DOWN, Forward, Reverse, Left, Right, Bridge Light & Emergency Stop c.Professional driving chairs, adjustable and fully turning d.Round window with large arc glass, wide field view, e.Made by our group, equipped with air-conditioning  

Design standards a.FEM and HMI