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wheel of a overhead crane

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Overhead crane wheels are the most important parts in traveling unit and also are the most vulnerable parts due to the strong impact and wear between wheel and rail. Flange wear, flange breakage and fatigue pitting are the frequently encountered […]

wheel of a overhead crane

Overhead crane wheels are the most important parts in traveling unit and also are the most vulnerable parts due to the strong impact and wear between wheel and rail. Flange wear, flange breakage and fatigue pitting are the frequently encountered problems. When the overhead crane wheels are broken, the repair and replacement are complex and very time-consuming.

Tapered Wheels for Top Running Cranes / Overhead Equipment

Mar 19, 2018 · When the crane corrects for skew, this correction is the place to study. How to install tapered wheels on a top running overhead crane Imagine a new crane on a new runway that has tapered wheels. Standard ASCE crane rail (today) is a Brinell hardness of 260-280, where the entire rail section is the same material and hardness.

Oct 01, 2016 · Crane wheels are the most important parts in crane traveling system which are also the most vulnerable crane parts due to the friction between crane wheels and rail. Therefore, the crane wheels should be replaced when the flange wear, flange breakage and fatigue pitting happened. DQCRANES can provide you the following crane wheel service:

Wide range of overhead crane wheels with the diameters of 150mm to 900mm (6” to 36”) are at your services. Various kinds of overhead crane wheels are provided, such as, single and double flange wheels, forging and casting wheels, etc. Customized overhead crane wheels are available at Dongqi Crane.

Crane Wheels Crane wheels are replaced because of flange wear, flange breakage, and mechanical overloads characterized by pitting and spalling. Each of these in-service factors must be carefully considered before the combination of wheel design, material selection, hardness pattern and heat treating technology is selected.

Whether you are operating bridge cranes, gantry cranes, container cranes or ship unloader cranes, Irwin can support with you with wheels and/or complete wheel assemblies. Irwin bridge crane drive and idler wheel assemblies, gantry crane drive and idler wheel assemblies, trolley wheel assemblies and sheave wheels will keep you online and on track.

Crane wheel hardness: overhead crane wheels and gantry

A wheel’s lifespan depends on more than hardness alone. The crane wheels,whichmake direct contact with the crane runway, can be the weakest link of the crane. Usually,, crane wheels are the first crane parts to show the effects of crane problems, such as misaligned rails or un-squared crane.

Wheel Lubrication of Overhead Crane. This video shows the wheel lubrication of an overhead crane before installation. A worker is holding a grease gun and injecting lubricant into the hole reserved for the wheel of the overhead crane.

Urethane Wheel Type Overhead Traveling Crane (Single/Double Girder) There is a urethane wheel type crane that effectively reduces noise and vibration in travel. It is recommended for factories near residential areas, duplex office-homes and for operation at night.

Overhead Crane Drive Wheels. Product Description: Bridge crane wheels set: wheels are used to support crane and load, and in orbit to make the crane reciprocating.The main damage of the wheel is wear, hardening laminate and pitting.The material of the bridge crane …

Single/Double/No Flanged Crane Wheels | DGCRANE WHEEL

FLANGED CRANE WHEELS are mainly used in all kinds of lift machines, such as single girder overhead crane, double girder overhead crane, gantry crane, and port crane etc. FLANGED CRANE WHEELS are various, like single rim wheel, double rim wheel, non-rim wheel, and other nonstandard wheels.

Kor-Pak is a Supplier of Crane Wheels and delivers custom engineered solutions for various crane applications such as Electric Overhead Traveling and Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes. Crane Wheel Wear. Crane wheels are designed to operated in tough environments and carry tremendous loads.

May 14, 2019 · Wheel Load Design Calculation of Jib, Double Girder, EOT Crane. The crane wheel load, usually referred to as maximum wheel load is the total load in pounds that any single crane wheel will see. The formula for determining… MWL is Bridge weight / 2 + {Live load (crane capacity + hoist weight) x 15%impact*)/ Number of wheels on a single end truck.

Steve Broekema, Product Manager, Wheels. Two key factors influence the “toughness” of overhead crane wheels: The hardness of the raw material used to make the wheels—such as alloys, low-carbon steel or medium-carbon steel and the heat treating techniques used to enhance the metal’s hardness.

Jul 05, 2020 · Overhead crane equipment parts can be broken down into four main categories: -Power systems and motors-Electrical parts-Mechanical parts-Controls The principal parts of overhead traveling cranes are: bridge girders, end trucks, trolley with hoisting mechanism, an operator’s cab or pendant control. Careful repair and maintenance are essential

Crane Girder Design

Mar 01, 2018 · Crane Girder Design Design of 60 ft Runway Girder Check Limit states for: • Shear • Web Local Yielding J10.2 (wheel loads) • Web Local Crippling J10.3 (wheel loads) • Web Sidesway Buckling J10.4 (wheel loads) 27 T.O.R 6” Top of Flange lb= 12” Design of 60 ft Runway Girder

3) The wheel loads stated are obtained from the maximum permis-sible pressure between wheel and rail with maximum possible rail head width of the corresponding wheel and v ª 40 m/ min. Form A with gear ring Form B without gear ring Crane wheels with smooth bore DIN 15 049 KG 010.1 or with feather keyway according to DIN 6885 -1 wheel-Ø d1 h11

Oct 09, 2017 · End truck wheels are components of overhead cranes that can require frequent maintenance, replacement, or adjustment. Throughout the course of a crane’s life, the wheels will naturally wear down due to normal use of the crane and will need to be replaced.

Crane wheel flange lubrication using solid dry lubrication sticks, such as those manufactured by Trans-Lube are a cost-effective solution to dramatically extending wheel and rail life. In addition, it also improves the performance of the crane by improving the finish on the wheel and rail surfaces.

Buying an Overhead Crane is a large investment, so let’s cover the 5 Common Problems with Overhead Cranes and How to Avoid Them. If you have questions, reach

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Our wheels and wheel block systems are designed and manufactured as modular solutions for a wide variety of applications. They are used in countless mobile devices and systems – as single components or as complete travel units. They demonstrate their high reliability and long service life in operation every day – with only a minimum maintenance requirement.

The overhead crane wheel assembly is used to support the crane and the load, and the crane is driven to reciprocate on the track. It is a key component of the crane, and its reliability and safety are worthy of attention. Technical parameters: φ150-φ1000

We can provide electric hoists, single/double beam overhead cranes, gantry cranes, and such varieties of lifting equipment 10 serious more than 200 types. The lifting capacity of the overhead crane can achieve 1000t, and the gantry crane 900t, to meet all kinds of project need.